Spring Planting on the Farm

It’s the busy and exciting season on the farm!  The lush green grass in the previous photos has been plowed under and made ready for seeding.  The beds have been marked, paths are being made clearer every day under foot step, and this little piece of land is slowly becoming more and more a recognizable farm.

On any given day, there are 8-12 farmers out working on their land.  Twice a week, Bee Cha, our Washington State University Extension Agriculture Mentor, comes out to give priceless support making suggestions and answering questions as the farmers navigate themselves, making decisions and learning this new land and growing climate.  He says the famers are both anxious and excited, happy to be on the farm.

Tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers have been planted in the greenhouse.  Onions, pumpkins, cabbage, bush beans, butternut squash, carrots and zuccini have been direct seeded into the beds.

If that is not keeping everyone busy enough, they are also starting on their irrigation project, finding pipes and sorting through how they will irrigate in the heat of the summer.

****Things we need/ would gladly accept*****

Irrigation equipment/material, including 2″ aluminum or plastic pipes, and drip tape.

A tractor mechanic!  The tractor is broken, and it seems to be the transmission that’s giving us problems.

Thanks for reading!


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