Loss at the Farm

Hello Community,

Some of you are more up to date on the Refugee Farming Project than others.  Briefly, we are doing well and have some beautiful crops coming up, as well as a fantastic sign donated from friends of the farm.  Of course, we also have challenges we are working through, and this morning added another one to the table.

Somali-Bantu farmers, our new sign, and stolen rototiller and hoes

Sometime around 4am, our farm was robbed.  The robbers took much of our very important farm gear including:

Two rototillers, hoes, shovels, work boots, seed corn, a new water pump, half of our gate, as well as some other

random but important farm equipment.

The farmers are upset and saddened that someone would burglarize our farm, but it has given us momentum to continue our work in another direction.  As the space was made more open, and we were without tools, we spent today cleaning the farm stand from a long retirement, and it is well on its way to being a great farm stand once again.

This is both an update and a request.  If you are in possession of tools or equipment that you are not using, or know someone that is in that position, any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  You can contact Jennifer Thacker at jenniferT@chs-wa.org for information on how to donate or for more information.

We will still have a great farm season!

Thank you for your help and care,

the Farmers


One response to this post.

  1. So sorry that this loss of equipment has occurred.Its real mean of people to steal from farmers trying too work to feed themselves and the world. keep on keeping on!


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