To Market, To Market

It is high time on the farm and so much going on.  We are going to farmers markets in Seattle and throughout south King County.  Local Somali-Bantu stores are being provided fresh, local vegetables by their own Somali-Bantu community farmers and everyone is really happy about this.  What else do we have on our horizon?

Restaurants!  And catering companies.  Madres Kitchen became the first catering company we are selling to and we are excited about the possibilities to be working with more places like this.  Do you have any suggestions of who to contact?  Would you like to support our community and buy our produce?

For more information, we can drop off samples of our produce and a flier if you would like.  Also, look at the new “Available Produce” page for weekly updated information on what is for sale now and the contact information.

Besides that, here are some photos of a day in preparation for our markets.  Enjoy.

Harvesting Peas for Market in the morning

Everyone helps Clean the Veggies

At the Des Moines Farmers Market


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