A Call for Volunteers

It is busy on the farm and in the best of ways!  We currently have much produce to sell, and people who are able to harvest and prepare it.  We have also recognized a new need on the farm, we need help marketing at the farmers markets.

Limited English and a developing understanding of American culture makes it challenging for the farmers to sell their best and excel at the markets.  This is a great learning experience, and support from a mentor or assistant at the market would provide a a safer place for them to practice their developing English and see what many people expect the farmers market experience to be like.

These helpers will help them set up at the market, talk to customers, and be support for anything that comes up.  The markets are currently expanding, and most of them are in S. King County, but we will be grateful and as flexible as we can to create a way for you to help us.

Market Assistants and Burundi Farmers

Here is an example of students at Highline Community College helping market on their campus.  The farmers have given feedback that it is a great experience for them to be supported and the students helped more than they realized by showing how to work with customers.

If you are interested, please email Lydia at lydiac@chs-wa.org and she can answer any questions you have and help you find where you are most needed.  Thank you!


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  1. Hey I love this blog. The pics are great and the work being done is really inspirational. Thanks for keeping us updated!


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