Meeting and Learning

The farmers are starting to talk about the end of the season because it sure feels like the weather is cooling off.  Weather calls for rainy and overcast today and for the next few days.  In the mean time, we are beginning to reflect more on where we are and how we have been doing.  Conversations are beginning to include ideas of what will come next year, and we will keep you up to date as we figure that out!

The Hope Burundi Cooperative, in their second year, has a much clearer, practiced structure that they have developed and continue to use.  They meet on Mondays to go over new issues and the different directions they want to go with their farm.  Today, the importance of reviewing this year’s profits versus expenses was the topic of conversation, and will be continued in the upcoming weeks.

Hope Burundi Farm Meeting

The Somali-Bantu Farmers of Washington are in the middle of their first year and are learning a lot about what it means to run a farm in a cooperative way.  With some challenges, they have begun to learn the importance of clear roles and have re-established leadership in their community, after meeting several times to sort this out last week.  The leadership development aspect of this project is just as important as the farming part, if not more, and it is great to see the small successes work towards larger ones.

This week, the zucchini are doing fantastic and the lettuce is gorgeous and colorful.  And watch out, the Hope Burundi Cooperative has started a relationship with a near-by raspberry farm and may be selling raspberries at a farmers market near you!


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