Raspberry Connection

We are very pleased to announce another great connection that has come our way.  These last weeks, the Hope Burundian Cooperative has been making connections with a local berry farmer in Auburn, at T & M Berries.  Because of how his farm’s cycle is set up, this is not a good year for him to market his berries, so he made a connection with King County Ag and through King County to us.  What does this mean?  The farmers now have raspberries to harvest and sell to their markets!  He is allowing us to pick what we can, and weigh it so that he is aware of what they are producing, and then sell at no cost to the farmers.  It really is an incredible opportunity.

View from inside: Fresh picked Berries!

The farmers have never picked raspberries before.  Asking some of them what they think, some of the farmers like raspberries, others do not.  They say that in their home countries they saw berry bushes, but no one ate them.  Another new food that Americans eat!  Now, look for our berries or call to order some as well.

Celestine lost in the Raspberry bushes

Early morning picking


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