Somali Bantu Elders

Little did you know, but there is another group of farmers Burst is working with.  Allow me to introduce the Somali Bantu Society of Washington.  This group of elders, with a few younger Somali Bantu supporting them, have been farming in Kent this summer.

The Kent Community Garden, located at W James St and 64th Ave S., has been kind enough to give these farmers a larger piece of land to garden as a community.  They come with years of experience and farmed their whole lives up until recently when they moved to the United States.

Burst is helping with the intention to fold them in our refugee farming program and offer more support in next year’s farm season.  Until then, we are introducing the ideas of what it means to market in the United States and have purchased basic items needed to sell their produce to their neighbors.  The farm is surrounded by apartments and condos, so we are providing them with good produce and learning how to market.

Please come visit us outside of the community garden, and get fresh vegetables at this new site!

Carrot with Personality!

Kent Community Garden Farm Stand


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