Good-bye for now

The season is over!  We have finished with our markets and are making our farm and farm stand winter-ready.

On Monday night, we had a party to celebrate the amazing work the farmers did this season.  It was a chance for the farmers to eat their vegetables (some had still never had one of their own beets!), thank the people that worked so hard to help them, and enjoy each others’ company without dirt on our hands.  The Burundi farmers, little did you know, are also amazing singers, and brought their music and choir to the event creating the perfect atmosphere for a celebration.  It was a great night for everyone who participated.

As for this blog, unless something changes, this will be the last post.  It has been my pleasure to keep you informed and share visuals so that you could follow the farm and farmers through its season.

What next, you say?  Well, keep your ear to the ground, great things are planned for the year to come, many that are still in the making.

For more information please email Njambi Gishuru at

Thanks for following us, and don’t forget to cover-crop your piece of earth for the winter!


Burundi Choir

Adelina and the babies

Speaking of the year's highlights


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